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How long is a Season of MANIAX League?

MANIAX League is an 8 week season where up to 30 players compete in 7 weeks of round-robin play and a finals night with a double-elimination tournament.

How much?

$200 per person, cheaper if you choose to throw on two nights!

We've recently added a payment plan, which makes it $50 per fortnight.

League is a fun, social event. You can join on your own or with a group of friends - meet great people while throwing axes! New to MANIAX is our Team League where you can bring your own group of 3 or we can put you into a team.

*All MANIAX League participants will be required to sign a waiver and policy agreement statement prior to competition.


7pm-9pm on selected days each week

What do I wear to League?

MANIAX general dress code states that you can wear whatever you’d like, as long as it’s accompanied by enclosed shoes.

In the final week of each season (know as playoffs), members of each venue wear a flannelette shirt in their designated state league colour.

MANIAX also offers a newly designed League T-Shirt. Displaying an iconic Sindy Sinn design coloured for each individual state, these shirts (or singlets, if preferred) are available for purchase at the start of each league season (by order only)

Sydney – Red

Melbourne – Black/Grey

Brisbane – Blue

Perth – Purple

Adelaide – Green

Do I have to have my own Axe?

No, not straight away. There are a small number of timber hatchets purchased by MANIAX, available for communal use at each venue. Once you have figured out which type of axe you want to compete with, you can purchase your very own IATF compliant timber handled throwing axe.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! MANIAX welcomes spectators that are wanting to sign up to League to come along and check out what we’re all about on one of our League nights! Our MANIAX League members love to share their passion for Axe Throwing.

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