who are your local maniax league ambassadors?



Hi I’m Tasha

I’ve been throwing axes for 2 years in League. One of my customers was a stuntman who introduced me to the idea & I never looked back! What I love most about League are the absolute go getters that I get to meet. We’ve been a fantastic influence on each other. Someone got me on to a movie set, there’s a bunch of us that go Bouldering & I now know how to keep a plant alive. People of many talents! My best trick shot is the ambidextrous Clutch, my Axe Hero is Matt Wilson from BATL who started this sport off & has a great attitude. Definitely my goal is to beat Trent I’m coming for ya T1000. I’m looking forward to the next Season & ready to see what new personalities are jumping into the mix!



Trent “The Punisher” – Axe Thrower | Powerlifter | Carnivore.

I started throwing axes a little over a year ago, after a social group event with friends. Having been playing Wednesday League in Sydney since Season 9, with four seasons down – 1st place in S9, S11 & S12, 3rd place in S10.

The two things I love most about League are the people – it’s a great social and very diverse atmosphere to break up a hectic work week – and the challenge of bettering myself in the skill of Axe Throwing! While I finished up last season with 28 perfect rounds, I’m still chasing the elusive 81 (3 x supernatural rounds in a match). Currently ranked #1 in NSW and #297 in NATF globally (Collins Rating System), my goal is to represent Australia at the National Axe Throwing Championships in Canada in Feb 2020, and break into the Top 100.

Who would I like to square off with in a lane? Jason Momoa, an axe throwdown followed by deadlifts



Hi I’m Rob. I’ve been a member of League since the start in Melbourne. I first got involved in axe throwing when I saw an advert in my local area of a guy running axe throwing in his martial arts gym and just had to have a go, that was a few years before I started at Maniax and when he moved away there was a void left in my life....then I saw Maniax in Melbourne was opening so waited for that and jumped right in. Never looked back!

The thing I find most surprising about axe throwing, aside from how much fun it is, would be how great it is to relax and help clear my head... focusing on the throw and the board really helps relax me.... a kind of mindfulness but involving sharp objects.

I would have to encourage people to join League because you get to meet some amazing people, have a great time and of course, get to tell people you throw axes!!! Anyone can do it, it is not about strength or aggression, it is about technique and style and above all having fun. Even when I tank for an entire night I still go home feeling good!!

Heroes - Max Machado from or James Feghali from Rage Axe Throwing Montreal - been following these guys for a while on Instagram



Hi, I'm Jenna. I've been a league member with Maniax since July 2018 and this is my 6th league - I did throw two nights a week for a season because I love it that much! Back in 2017 I saw a youtube of Jason Momoa drinking beer and throwing axes and I thought to myself "I'm into that" so found a way to get into it the moment I could. League is great, not just because I get to throw axes but because I've made some amazing friends over the last year and every Tuesday night I get to hang out with all my friends, throw a few axes and have a great laugh.

I came second last season in finals but also finished up week 7 in second which for me is awesome consider I spent two seasons throwing left handed due to injury - I'm accident prone but dedicated! So far my highest score is 61 so I'd really love to hit 81 this season - I'm working hard on nailing clutches! My instagram is filled with videos of axe throwers from Canada, it would be amazing to get better with trick shots - definitely loving throwing two axes at once.