What is the difference between a Competition thrower  and Casual members? 

 With our Competition Thrower Annual Membership, you will receive the ultimate opportunity to thrive in the sport of axe throwing and spend more time with the friends you have made along the way. This is a $25 a week Membership ($5 discounts for remainder of 2019 calendar year).

 In addition to playing all of the 8 week seasons in the calendar year of your preferred night, this Membership will include 2 extra hours of throwing time during off-season weeks and access to qualifications for all sanctioned NATF events, challenges and tournaments. 

 The Casual Thrower Membership on the other hand will enter you into the standard 8-week league season, but not include any extra throwing time. This will be a $200 cost to be paid upfront when you sign up to each individual season.


What are the details of the practice pack?

 The Practice Pack is the step up from the Competition Thrower membership package. This provides you with the same 8 weeks of league and off-season game play as the Competition Thrower membership PLUS a pre-determined 2hr practice session each week.

 The Practice Pack is an additional $15 on top of your Competition Thrower membership.


If I don't want to commit to the weekly 'practice pack' am I still allowed to attend a practice session? 

 YES! All league members are welcome. If you would like to attend any practice sessions and do not have the practice pack membership, there will be a cost of $35 per session attended. 


How do the extra practice sessions work?

Practice sessions are an extra 2 hours per week (in and out of season), where you will be working closely with an Axepert coach to perfect your skills for a one up in the tournament. 

Days and times will be selected on the first night of the new season. 

Can I try before I buy?

 YES! MANIAX welcomes spectators that are wanting to sign up to League to come along and check out what we’re all about on a League Night (Tuesday or Wednesday)! Our MANIAX league members love to share their passion for axe throwing.

 We have also just successfully hosted our first “COME AND TRY NIGHT” at all 3 venues at the beginning of July. This is something we are looking into hosting again in the New Year!


When will lanes be made available for off-season game play? 

 Off-season is classified as the two-week time period between seasons. Off-season play, such as skills comps etc. will be hosted on the same day and time as your standard league night.

 For example, if you play in Tuesday league your off-season game play will run on Tuesday nights from 7pm-9pm. 

How many Seasons will there be?

There are 2 more seasons scheduled for 2019 and 5 seasons set for 2020! Each year has the ability to house 5 x 8-week seasons with 2 weeks off in-between. For specific dates, check out our League Calendar.  


How will the Membership work for those signing up after 1st July?

 Payments start from when you sign up but will apply for 26 payments total for the 2019 year. Payments apply for the membership from 01 Jul – 31 Dec 2019. This means, you will be charged for the same overall total, no matter when you sign up!

 New memberships will commence annually from 01 Jan - 31 Dec 2020 totalling 52 payments for the calendar year.


are there social aspects of league?

 Yes! Each season also has a theme night held on week 7 right before play offs. As a group you will be able to vote on a theme and then battle it out in style.

 Past themes from this year saw the Sydney League as Pirates, Melbourne League as Fruit and Brisbane League as Vikings!


Do I have to have my own axe?

 No, not straight away. There are a small number of timber hatchets purchased by MANIAX available for communal use at each venue. Once you have figured out which type of axe you want to compete with, you can purchase your very own NATF compliant timber handled throwing axe.

 Having your own axe also means you can experiment with MANIAX Approved/ NATF Sanctioned trick shots which will have you prepared for the off-season skills competitions!


What is the dress code/uniform for League?

 MANIAX general dress code states that you can wear whatever you’d like, as long as it’s accompanied by enclosed shoes.

 In the final week of each season (know as playoffs), members of each venue wear a flannelette shirt in their designated state league colour.

 MANIAX also offers a newly designed League T-Shirt. Displaying an iconic Sindy Sinn design coloured for each individual state, these shirts (or singlets, if preferred) are available for purchase at the start of each league season (by order only)

 Sydney – Red

Melbourne - Black/Grey

Brisbane – Blue

Perth – Purple

Adelaide - Green


What if I go away or get injured? Can I freeze my membership payments?

We do not freeze memberships for things such as holidays. Injuries that may exclude you from participating for an entire season (or more) will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Still have questions? Email us at info@maniax.com.au