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๐Ÿ† A.P.A.T.C 2023 ๐Ÿ†

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APATC 2023 GROUPThe Asia Pacific Axe Throwing Championships (APATC) 2023.

What a weekend! The Asia Pacific Axe Throwing Championships in Sydney was nothing short of spectacular.

We witnessed cutting-edge performances, nail-biting showdowns, and moments that will be etched in the annals of axe throwing history. The energy, the passion, and the sheer turnout were a testament to the growing love for this sport.

We'd like to say a colossal THANK YOU to the entire community of axe throwers who attended. You came, you saw, you threw, and you supported the epic tournament that is APATC. Your spirit and camaraderie are what make these events legendary. Let's keep the momentum going! Share the word, spread the love, and encourage your friends to sign up for the final season of MANIAX axe throwing league in 2023! 

Here's to more thrilling throws and unforgettable moments!

Stay sharp and #THROWBETTER

The Team at MANIAX



APATC 2023 ResultsAPATC 2023 ResultsAPATC 2023 Results



APATC 2023


What do I bring?

Just yourself and your axe (if you have one). Don't worry if you don't have your own axe, we have plenty for you to borrow. We've got drinks for purchase and snacks in all Venues. Alcoholic drinks are available through the day in Brisbane and Newcastle and after your throwing is finished in all other venues. In Adelaide, Brisbane, Newcastle, and Sydney we've also got Mouth-watering Pizzas to satisfy those hunger cravings.

What will happen on the day? (Qualifiers)

Doors will open at 8:30am to have your equipment checked against IATF regulations. Practice will be open from 9:00am - 10:00am. Once the qualifiers start at 10:00am you will compete in 10 seeding matches followed by a double elimination bracket for the top 16 seeded players. The number of games in the Double Elimination will be dependent on the number of registered players in each particular state. All seeding and elimination games will be played using IATF Premier ruleset format. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with these rules and regulations. For additional information, please see the link to the IATF Rules and Regulations below.

The competition will last all day, so make sure you get a decent amount of sleep the night before!

 How much does it cost to enter? 

APATC 2023 Invitational Qualifiers Entry Fee = $100

APATC 2023 Invitational Final Entry Fee = $100 (in addition to qualifier fee, top 32 throwers only from Invitational Qualifiers will be invited to enter the Finals)

APATC 2023 Open Entry Fee = $150 (or $50 if participated in 2023 Qualifiers, places will be allocated on a first-come basis with no pre-requisite conditions required for entry)

What are the dates and what venues will be hosting the event? 

APATC 2023 Invitational Qualifiers will occur concurrently on Sunday 28th March 2023 at MANIAX Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne (Abbotsford), Adelaide and Perth venues.  

The APATC 2023 Invitational Final and Open will take place on 22-23rd September 2023 at MANIAX Sydney

Is qualifing an all day event? 

Yes!  State Qualifiers and APATC Invitational and Open will take place between 9am and 5pm on their respective dates. Overall run time will vary based on the total number of participants

How many games will I get?

Competitors in APATC Invitational Final and Open will play between 10 and 19 games throughout the day (depending on how well you do!)

Is there an age restriction? 

Competitors must be 11+ in order to be thrown within MANIAX venues.   Please be advised that any competitor aged between 11 - 17 years of age will need to be accompanied by a person who is 18+.  

I'm not a MANIAX member, can I still compete?  

APATC 2023 is open to everyone! We're throwing the challenge out to any axe thrower anywhere in the region - we truly want to find the best of the best. It doesn't matter where you throw, or if you've only thrown once, you're able to enter! We're accepting entries from throwers from any affiliation (i.e. IATF or WATL) or non affiliated axe throwing companies, and even those who don't have a current league in which they throw.

What type of axes will be used/allowed? 

We will be following the IATF format for APATC with rules and regulations pertaining to allowed Axes, as used throughout all MANIAX Venues in Australia. For further information on compliant axes, please refer to the IATF standard axe specifications and Big Axe specifications. 

See details here:

What targets will be used? 

Our targets will be using the IATF Premier format, as used throughout all MANIAX Venues in Australia. For further information on the IATF target, please refer to the IATF website.

See details here:

Must I bring my own axe?

You are more than welcome to bring your own axe if it is compliant with the above specifications. Should you not have one, we will have plenty available for use at the MANIAX Venue.


๐Ÿ’ฅAPATC Qualifier Results๐Ÿ’ฅ

APATC Qualifier Results 2023APATC Qualifier Results 2023 Avg

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