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International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) Membership + The International Axe Throwing Championships in Canada (IATC)

The IATF sanctioned league consists of the availability to participate in up to five axe throwing seasons per calendar year on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings with a minimum of one week break in-between. Each season runs for eight weeks totalling a massive 28 games per season plus playoffs.

The first seven weeks are in round robin format where each member will participate in a minimum four games per night. Each individual game consists of three rounds of five throws with big axe tie breakers where necessary. Week eight of each season is the playoffs where you will battle it out along side the rest of your league to crown a winner. For playoffs each game goes up to best of five rounds and then progresses to best of seven rounds towards the finals.

At the completion of each eight-week period a winner is crowned for the regular season (round robin weeks 1-7) and for playoffs (week 8). The IATF award ‘Champion Points’ to league members for both round robin and playoffs in varying amounts based on standings. Champion Points are what each player accumulates throughout the year to be in contention for a chance to represent Australia at the International Axe Throwing Championship (IATC) held in Toronto, Canada each year.

There is more than one way to make it to the International Axe Throwing Championship. Firstly; competing in Maniax League Seasons and cumulating Champion Points, secondly; competing in the IATF Pacific Regionals tournament hosted by Maniax each year, and thirdly; participating in any of the IATF Wild Card events that arise throughout the year. The multitude of tournaments available throughout each year provide all league members with a chance to experience what it is like to compete along side other competitive axe throwers as well as a chance to progress to the next level and represent Australia. Each competition provides the ability to win everything from Prize Money to Wild Card positions and Trophies.

The International Axe Throwing Championship is a two-day event held over a weekend within the first week of February each year where 256 participant’s world wide compete side by side in the sport that they love. This competition brings together all sorts of league members to throw in round robin, elimination and skills event tournaments with an after party at the end.

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