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Looking for a Memorable and Unique Experience for your next Work Event?

You have come to the right place!! Axe Throwing is definitely unique and creating a full and memorable experience for your team is our specialty!!

Axe Throwing at MANIAX is PERFECT for:

  • Team Building Events
  • Rewarding your Team 
  • End of Financial Year parties
  • Christmas Functions
  • The most perfect Farewell to your bud from Accounts OR
  • Just an AXECUSE to see your boss switchin' the suit for the ULTIMATE Viking get up and throwing away those shoulder pads... 

What sets MANIAX apart from the rest?

We know how to PARTAYYYY

We don’t just teach you how to throw an axe, we create a fun and thrilling environment for your group or team. We're not just an 'Axe Throwing' venue, MANIAX are also leaders in entertainment. Axe throwing at MANIAX is an experience. One you won’t forget that is shared with loved ones or friends, teammates or colleagues.

Privately hosted by our dream team of expertly trained Axe Throwing Coaches or 'Axe-perts'. We create memories for every customer, bringing great banter, a sense of performance and humour that is bound to channel the inner Viking and elicit that sense of freedom and a little bit of naughty in even the toughest of crowds.

We specialise in private group events (8-100pp depending on location) that encourage healthy competition, a super exciting atmosphere and the best damn time that you’ve had throwing an axe around.

We're the Axe-perts in Corporate Functions

Our corporate offerings are second to none. We know how to throw a wicked axe-perience for your office crew, whatever the occasion. Join the elite companies wowing their staff such as Google, Mamamia, Harley Davidson, Spotify, Bentley, KPMG, BDO, Atlassian, QANTAS, Red Bull, AMAZON, IKEA, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Facebook, Airbus, BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals and that’s to name just a few.

We have the safest venues

We believe at MANIAX that we have the safest venues in the world. We are members of the International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF), a worldwide organisation who promote universal safety, sportsmanship and competitive protocol.

We have the highest ratio of Axe Throwing Coaches to participants in the world. We allocate your group one coach for every 15 participants, Your coach is not shared with other groups. That means that each person has someone giving them feedback on their technique and a keen eye on making sure your group is being safe at all times.

We invest a lot into our venues to ensure we comply to the highest of safety standards and therefore are the market leaders in throwing axes safely. Only the highest of quality materials are used at MANIAX. Our caging is the best of the best meaning it is very strong to eliminate stray axes. We put lots into research and design of our lane areas to ensure we minimise all potential hazards. Our R+D applies to all facets of our venues and materials right down to what axes we use, or what wood we use for our targets. 

We have all of the Tech

MANIAX brings ‘hi-tech’ to Axe Throwing. All waivers are completed electronically (we love the environment and want to minimise paper use), throwers details are then transferred to Digitised Lane Computers. You get to run the scoring system yourself, to ensure you know who is winning. Players know their scores as they go from the player’s scoreboard. You don’t have to be good at maths or bring your calculator to MANIAX. At the end of your tournament, all of the important details are sent through to your Axe-pert, so that you can take home the evidence that proves you were the best on the day. If you really want, you can get it emailed so you can send round the office crew to gloat! Team Member of the month, here you come!!

We bring all of the delicious food

We do Corporate Packages – teeing up with the highest quality local suppliers to give your next event that something extra. Think Low and Slow BBQ, perfect platters, delicious juicy burgers or piping hot pizzas served up for your next team event.

We're the ONLY licenced Axe Throwing company in Australia

MANIAX has the only licenced Axe-Throwing Venues in Australia. Our licenced venues offer a full bar including your choice of craft beer, wine, cider and spirits to enjoy at your next work event.

Bring along your team to find out how to relax with an axe! Our RSA trained staff members are there to keep everyone safe so will make sure that everyone is consuming their beverages safely and in accordance to the Venue Alcohol policy. Note - SYD MEL and PER participants must have completed throwing prior to consuming alcohol. 


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